How Do MEC Plans Work?


Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

The Affordable Care Act states that all individuals must have health benefits and all employers with 50 or more full-time employees must provide coverage to all eligible employees or they are subject to fines/penalties. This can be known as "pay or play" or employer shared responsibility. We offer Minimum Essential Coverage plans which both of these penalties are satisfied for the employee and the employer. Our plans are substantially less expensive than traditional medical insurance and serve as a low cost solution for most companies.

MEC Plus

High value MEC plans that encompass all the value of a MEC plan but provides sick benefits as well. We understand that many Americans are tired of overpaying for medical insurance and also want an ACA compliant plans. So, we tailored plans just for you. For our preventative services there is a 0 copay and is covered at 100%.  For sick services, our plans have extremely low co-pays. They include coverage for primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care, and emergency room.  All of our plans utilize the First Health Network which is owned by Aetna | Coventry and is a notional network with some of the deepest discounts in the medical field. Contact us today to find out more about plan specifics and pricing.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Employers are looking for solutions to help offset the increases in health insurance premiums, while still providing quality insurance coverage for employees. Therefore, they are shifting more of the costs, including higher deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments, to employees and relying on other resources, such as supplemental carriers, for help.

Supplemental health products provide benefits to employees to help offset the larger financial exposures for out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses related to events such as hospital confinement, outpatient surgery, diagnostic tests resulting from a covered accident or covered sickness.

Indemnity Plans

Our indemnity plans are designed to provide you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. They are underwritten to be extremely cost effective without neglecting coverage levels. Indemnity plans allow you to direct your own health care and visit almost any doctor or hospital you like. The insurance company then pays a set portion of your total charges. Indemnity plans are also referred to as "fee-for-service" plans.

Medical First Dollar Coverage

Group medical bridge insurance with $1,000 hospital confinement benefit provides in insurance coverage for everyday doctor visits and hospitalization. In addition, this program provides lump sum hospital confinement benefits payable directly to employees to help cover medical and/ or non-medical costs associated with a hospitalization

Tele-Medicine & Rx Discount

Unlimited 24/7 telemedicine program and discount RX program available to all employees at no additional cost.

The WellCard program covers health and wellness products and services from brand-name vendors nationwide:

  • Pharmacy (retail and mail order)

  • Vision Care and LASIK

  • Hearing

  • Dental

  • Medical Network

  • MRI and Imaging

  • Lab Savings

  • 24/7 Doctor Telephone Consult

  • Medical Bill Help

  • Diabetes Care and Supplies

  • Vitamins

  • Daily Living Products

  • Cash Rewards and Entertainment Benefits

WellCard Program Enrollment

We can help. Our complete, end-to-end enrollment solutions are designed to lift the administrative burden from your shoulders, yet keep you in control at all times. With flexible enrollment options, we can handle as much, or as little, of the enrollment process as you need – at no direct cost to you.



Legal Guarantee of Compliance

We supply our exclusive legal guarantee of compliance to employers who work with BCIA Compliance officers.