We work with all accident carriers and a group and individual basis. Accident insurance requires little or no underwriting and is one of the most popular supplemental coverages. Most people who don't have accident coverage and just have a medical plan have to meet their deductible and then out of pocket maximum and then their plan start paying.  Most of the accident plans we have start paying a benefit on dollar number one. This means the employee is not out of pocket anything when a covered accident occurs.

These plans are extremely inexpensive and these plans are perfect for all industries.  Injuries happen all the time. An employee could hurt themselves playing a sport over the weekend or doing yard work in the afternoon.  Accident insurance also helps employers who have high workers compensation insurance claims. Contact us for a quote or to learn more about accident insurance. This product can be offered as a voluntary offering or employer paid.  This product is paired very well with a MEC plan and often alongside critical illness coverage.