What is the solution to the Affordable Care Act?

It is a strategy that is compiled of a one of a MEC plan, composite rated indemnity plans, and major medical plans. We help protect instead of penalize businesses. That means protect businesses and their employees families by providing insurance plans at an affordable rate while ensuring compliance with the ACA. We also include telemedicine, coverage, a discount RX card, accident and critical illness coverage

How do MEC plans help businesses with ACA compliance?

The MEC plans alleviate businesses business from the risk of being forced with the decision of having to Pay or Play.

What information do I need for a MEC plan quote?

You need the name of the business, census (list) of employees, and basic contact information for yourself or the company.

Does Essential Benefits Solution offer a certificate of compliance for the ACA?

Yes, EBA issues proof of Affordable Care Act compliance to help avoid an IRS tax penalty.

Do I need to be appointed with EBA?

Yes. The appointment process is very simple and usually done within 24-48 hours.

Is the enrollment process easy?

The enrollment process is extremely easy. The company usually enrolls by submitting their census. We also have the most innovative enrollment technology in the industry. Lastly, we can accommodate the unique needs of companies.

How do I know if a business is compliant with the Affordable Care Act?

Contact Essential Benefit Administrators and we will work with you through a simple fact finding mission and provide questions to ask your clients.

Why are MEC plans so inexpensive?

Our underwriting and risk management strategy and discounted administrative fees have allowed us to offer our plans at an affordable rate while maintaining the highest level of quality in benefit plans.

How do I qualify for a MEC plan?

Contact EBA today for a complientary free consultation!