Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness coverage provides a lump sum-sum payment to employees if they experience a covered critical illness. Critical illness is a popular, budget-friendly solution to help employees limit their out of expenses when they are in a time of need. Critical illness coverage is exactly what it sounds. It protects and insured and pays a lump sum if the insured becomes critically ill. The most devastating times in one's life can be when one becomes critically ill. This can also be financially devastating, as well.  With the high deductibles and out of pocket maximums in today's major medical market, it is often that people do not have thousands of dollars laying around for medical bills. Critical illness coverage is great because it pays first dollar coverage to supplement the high deductibles and out of pocket maximums.

Critical illness coverage is very low in cost and in some cases it is great to pair with a MEC and accident plan. Some younger employees really are cost sensitive but also want to be protected if something catastrophic happens. This would be a case where that person would buy a MEC plan along with critical illness and accident. Critical illness coverage often covers a heart attack, coronary artery disease, cancer, stroke, and other severe illnesses. We work with all major supplemental carriers and have access to the lowest rates.  Contact us today to learn more about this product.