Major Medical Insurance

A major medical health insurance plan is a type of medical insurance plan that meets all of the benefit standards of the Affordable Care Act, while providing benefits for a broad range of inpatient and outpatient health-care services. There are many different types of major medical coverage and carriers. Our brokers will consult employers with various cost sharing strategies between them and their valued employees. We are experts with the different plan and carrier options available.

We work with all the competitive medical carriers and have access to hundreds of plans. We offer all the metallic plans in the marketplace. We also have preferred partnerships with  TPA's and stop-loss carriers to build all self-funded and alternative funded plan options. We believe that no one person's needs are the same when it comes to insurance needs. People use their insurance differently. We serve both the employer and the employee. We alleviate all the administrative burdens when it come to the administration and managing their employee benefits. Even if you already have an agent, would you feel that a complimentary, second opinion would help you understand that your approach towards your employee benefits is the right one? We have found that many employers did not realize that there is a superior solution and service available.