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We have helped over 10,000 clients and have over 40,000 members.


Firm Overview

We are a full service agency who consults each individual client based on their own specific needs and objectives, whether it be providing a low cost solution to obtain compliance with the Affordable Care Act, providing a predictable risk management outcome for upcoming year’s renewals, or traditional brokerage services.

With the Employer Mandate in full effect, employers are having to choose a health plan for their employees that will help them stay compliant, keep costs down, and offer rich benefit plans to recruit/retain top talent. Brown Corporate Insurance Agency has decades of award winning brokers.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is comprised of  over a dozen  of leading experts in the employee benefit insurance field. Our decades of industry experience have allowed us the ability to help over 10,000 clients combined. We have diverse skill sets and come from various backgrounds. Our team consists of nationally recognized insurance brokers, CPA’s, attorneys, HR professionals, customer service specialists, risk management and underwriting experts. What sets us apart?



We are a company that offers you help with your insurance needs with full integrity. 



We are industry experts and provide you innovative solutions to stay in compliance while saving money.



We offer you the best advice keeping in mind the changing regulations and impacts to your bottom line.



Our #1 goal is to offer you the best services possible. Working with us is a breeze.  

Essential Benefit Administrators is a national Third Party Administrator which specializes in the design of custom and innovative medical plans. EBA has lead the industry as a low cost provider of medical plans while continuing to compensate Broker / Partners at the highest level.

Our Commitment to Service Excellence

Employee benefits consist of three parts - the coverage itself, implementation, and on-going customer service.  Essential Benefit Administrators has invested heavily in people and systems to make it easy to do business with us.  We reduce your administration downtime with easy-to-use online billing and enrollment support, backed by a National Service Organization spanning our entire network of sales and service offices.   Our service and sales professionals are committed to assisting you in every step; from designing an affordable, customized benefit plan to assure smooth and effortless implementation, to assisting employees with questions and service requirements.

Flexible, Innovative Benefits & Services

Essential Benefit Administrators is the leading provider of MEC and Limited Med plans, specializing in innovative and flexible employee benefits solutions.  Our plan offerings are flexible and is tailored for each individual client’s needs. All our products and services are marketed through independent brokers and agents to employers of all sizes. 

Why do We Provide Access to a Provider Network?

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Provider Network

·       Over 490,000 provider locations across the country

·       Network providers submit claims for you to simplify the claim process

·       To locate a provider online, visit

·       Savings are competitive with all other networks. (First Health Network expresses all discount information as savings off billable charges.)


  • Participating provider’s charges are reduced
  • Reduced charges continue even if Benefit Maximum is reached
  • Network provider will accept paperwork and file claim